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Fever Dream #1, The Tea Party

    After I survived Covid-19, a new kind of image surfaced, tied to that experience.   This first one refers to the isolation of quarantine.   Ink drawing, 2020   20" x 28"

Tamarind and suitors

  The tiny Tamarind flower makes the bee suitors large when they come to call. She will provide her fruit to us only with their services.   Ink drawing, 2020   20" x 28"

Bat Flower

  Native to Thailand, the Bat Flower stands taller than I am, with long white tendrils reaching the floor - a commanding and hypnotic presence.   Ink drawing, 2019   28" x 40"  


  The green turtle travels thousands of miles in the ocean, returning to the same beach every year to lay eggs. As the continents have moved, she has had to swim farther and farther.   Ink drawing, 2018   28" x 40"